About Us

Chicago CPR Now has been providing Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation instruction to Chicago and the Chicago area since 2008. Chicago CPR Now was formed in order to provide easy, stress free learning opportunities to individuals and groups interested in learning CPR. By organizing firefighters and paramedics who are able to teach CPR, but more importantly have the experience performing CPR, Chicago CPR Now has been able to provide numerous education opportunities for thousands of students. CPR is an evolving science. Chicago CPR Now is dedicated to staying up to date with the most recent information while constantly providing updated material to our students.

Our Mission: To teach life savings skills to anyone who requests training and improve the lives of persons in need of these skills.

Our Promise: Continue to provide regularly scheduled, inexpensive, training opportunities to all who wish to learn CPR.

Chicago CPR Now
3717 N. Ravenswood Avenue
Suite 209
Chicago, Illinois 60613

We are located in the Lakeview neighborhood between Irving Park Road and Addison. The Brown Line Addison stop is just a few blocks away. Free parking is located in front of and around our building!

When preparing to come to class make sure you are aware of our address and driving directions. Keep time of day in mind to prepare for traffic. When traveling together or car pooling be sure to arrive early enough to prevent multiple students from being late and to ensure you can sit together.

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Our Instructors

All of our instructors all work or have worked in the healthcare industry throughout their careers, mostly firefighters and paramedics. Working in healthcare has allowed all of our instructors the opportunity to perform CPR on many occasions making us better CPR instructors. Together we have an extensive history and years of training teaching and providing CPR.

Our Classroom

Our Lakeview location has a classroom large enough to train up to 16 students very comfortably. We have the latest training materials available to instruct class. The manikins we have in our classroom provide real time feed back to the quality of CPR being performed giving students the ability to see the progress they are making learning the skills of CPR.


With any business we have to have some policy in place to ensure everyone has a positive experience. The biggest misunderstanding we have with students is attendance. Just because it is “only CPR” in some students minds, does not give students the ability to show up late, not show up at all, or demand their money back. This is a service that we provide. A service we endear. There is no difference between registering for one of our classes or buying tickets for the Chicago Cubs. If you fall sick or do not attend a Cubs game Thomas Ricketts does not write you a check for your tickets. If you bought tickets to any other sporting event, concert, or any kind of event and did not show up on time you would not get your money back. The same is true for our service.  Keep this in mind when you register for class.

Our Classes

Look at all the different classes we teach! We offer classes in our Lakeview office multiple times a week.  Look at our schedule and register today!  Or is you are looking to train a lot of people see if we can come to you!

We teach new moms, new dads, grandparents, nannies, babysitters, personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts, teachers, day care providers, child care providers, or anyone who needs a CPR class!

If you work in healthcare we offer Basic Life Support (BLS) also!  We teach nurses, doctors, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, medical assistants, and anyone else in healthcare that needs BLS!  If you are planning a career in healthcare and are going to school sign up today for BLS!