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Frequently Asked Questions

Many answers to questions can be found here.

Review these commonly asked questions for information ranging from our office hours, how to pay for class, how to set up an appointment / meeting, as well as other information related to class. Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us or using the form on the right.

Where is your office located?2019-03-11T22:26:29+00:00

We are located at 3717 N. Ravenswood Avenue in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. We are located on Ravenswood, north of Addison on the east side of the Metra. Our hours to take phone calls and emails are 9am – 6pm Monday – Friday, and 9am – 3pm Saturday and Sunday. Office hours are my appointment only – email for an appointment.

Please take time to search for directions to our office if you are not familiar with the area.
Please find directions prior to the start of your class to assure you arrive on time.
Arriving on time cannot be over stressed.

How can I register (pay for class)?2019-03-11T22:29:12+00:00

We encourage all students to use the online registration process available on our website. You can register for classes 24 hours a day, usually up to the hour class is supposed to start. It is understandable that there can be some hesitation using your credit card online – we can assure you we have never had any issue with fraud.

Want to pay with cash, see our cash page that talks about it.

In regards to other forms of payment. We do NOT accept any personal checks, money orders, cashier checks, and the like. If it is absolutely necessary you can pay for a class in person with cash only. This is done by appointment only – please email us to set up a time (often before or after any scheduled classes so please review our schedule before emailing us). PAYING THE SAME DAY OF CLASS IS DIFFICULT! As online registrations are given first priority you must pay for your class before the day of class (more than 7 days recommended). If there are remaining seats the day of class please notify our offices of your intentions, persons walking in without giving any kind of notice will be turned away if the class is full.

Is there parking at your office?2019-03-11T22:26:10+00:00

Yes. There is free street parking located in front of and around our building.

What is your phone number?2019-03-11T22:26:05+00:00

Our phone number is 773-981-2772. We try and answer phone calls between the hours of 9am – 5pm Monday through Friday and 9am – 3pm on Saturday and Sunday. However, if we do not answer we are probably talking with another customer or teaching a class and are unable to answer. Many questions can be answered here on our website. If you decide to call and leave a message, messages are returned as soon as possible, usually 1-2 days. If you would a faster response please email as emails are usually answered faster, the same day. Please note that not every class we teach is listed on this site, as we often teach off site at other businesses we are not always able to take calls during the hours listed above.

Almost all concerns about classes you have already registered for (especially concerns regarding scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellations) MUST be made via email, telephone calls are not appropriate. Again, please email us if you have any questions regarding classes you have already registered for.

What are your office hours?2019-03-11T22:25:16+00:00

Our office hours are by appointment only. Please email to arrange time to meet. We are not in the office every day but we are able to be contacted via email.

Will I receive a confirmation email?2019-03-11T22:25:11+00:00

Yes. Every student who registers for class online will receive a confirmation email which includes class date, time, the address of the classroom, our contact information as well as an extensive list of information which includes information about rescheduling, cancelling, as well as other various information. It is important you read this information – depending on which class you sign up for, there may be directions on how to complete tasks that maybe necessary for you to participate in class. Please look for this email immediately following your registration process, if necessary check any spam folders you may have. Contact our offices immediately if you do not receive any confirmation email within an hour of registration.

Are your classes American Heart Association classes?2019-03-11T22:25:06+00:00

Yes, Chicago CPR Now provides American Heart Association CPR classes. Chicago CPR Now is also an approved Training Site by the American Heart Association (AHA). The only class not taught by means of the AHA is our Are You Ready? class which is sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

What is the difference between Heartsaver and Basic Life Support (BLS)?2019-03-11T22:24:27+00:00

As the title suggests the BLS class is for Healthcare Providers. Although anyone is allowed to take the BLS class, it is required for healthcare professionals – especially those who work in a clinical healthcare environment (such as hospitals, doctors offices, labs, and clinics to name a few). These professionals include, but are not limited to: doctors, physician assistants, nurses, nursing assistants, medical assistants, dentists, dental hygienists, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, respiratory therapists, and the like (as well as students for any medical related profession). These two classes are similar but do have very distinct differences that a healthcare provider needs to be aware of. While Heartsaver classes are designed for the lay person, such as: lawyers, accountants, plumbers, electricians, moms, dads, foster parents, persons getting ready to adopt, babysitters, nannies, child care professionals, boy scouts, girl scouts – persons who do not work in a healthcare setting. Please note that anyone is able to take the BLS class regardless of their occupation. If a BLS class satisfies your schedule better feel free to sign up for the class.

Please inquire with your employer and/or your licensing/credentialing services before registering for a class if you are unsure.

What are online or eLearning classes?2019-03-11T22:24:23+00:00

There is not a significant difference between either class. The biggest is where the majority of the class takes place. Online learning takes place in your home, office, local coffee shop by the means of the Internet. You watch online videos and complete tasks online in order to receive a certificate of completion. Once you complete the online portion of the class you schedule a skills session at our office. There you complete skills necessary for the class you are taking in front of an American Heart Association instructor. You then receive your card. Your card looks no different than the cards we give students who sit in class.

Who teaches your classes?2019-03-11T22:24:18+00:00

All of our instructors are American Heart Association CPR Instructors. Most of our instructors are also firefighters and/or paramedics who have performed CPR in the past. All of our instructors have backgrounds in the medical field that has allowed them to practice and perform CPR often.

Will I get hands on experience practicing CPR?2019-03-11T22:23:31+00:00

Yes. Every student will have the opportunity to practice CPR on a realistic manikin in a stress free environment. We will help you perform CPR the right way and make sure you leave feeling comfortable that you can perform CPR if necessary. We are not drill instructors.

Can I bring my child or baby to class? OR Can I wait while my son/daughter/partner takes the class?2019-03-11T22:23:25+00:00

No. While it may not be a distraction for the parent(s) who wish to bring the baby/child to class, it can easily become a distraction to the other students. Therefore babies and children are not to be brought to class, please find a means of supervision for your children well before the day of your class. This is commonly asked for our “Couples Day” class, while this might be a special time for moms and dads getting ready for new additions to their family it can pose as a distraction to other students. Again, please do to anticipate on bringing babies and children to class no matter which class you are registered for. Also, waiting for students to finish the class is not permissible as adults can become distractions as well. If it is necessary to stay with a child or partner during class please reserve two seats for class, special requests/considerations can be made available – email to explain.

Will I receive a book?2019-03-11T22:23:20+00:00

Books are not included in the price of the classes listed on line. Books are available for purchase at the time of registration (when available). Delivery can be arranged if registering for your class seven (7) days prior to the date of your class. If registering within seven (7) days you can arrange to pick the book up at our office.

Please see our policy page for more questions regarding a book or email us at to purchase a book or for more information.

To see a list of books available including links to order books, click here.

Is there a test at the end of class?2019-03-11T22:22:39+00:00

There is not a test for the Heartsaver CPR / AED or Heartaver First Aid classes.

However, there is a test in the BLS for Healthcare Provider class (25 questions), Advanced Cardiac Life Support class (50 questions), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (33 questions). Each question is discussed during class and students will be more then prepared to pass the written test. Students taking Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support must also complete a pre-course assessment as well in order to take the class (instructions in the ACLS/PALS Book).

Can you come to my place of work or home to teach?2019-03-11T22:22:34+00:00

Yes. Chicago CPR Now is able to teach at your location, please email Chicago CPR Now at for more information or see our “offsite” page located in the header (above). Rates to come to your place of work or home vary on the number of students you plan on having and the number of classes you anticipate having.

What if I am late?2019-03-11T22:22:28+00:00

It is necessary to be on time. Since this is a learning based class founded on video demonstrations you must be present for the entire class – cards will not be issued to late students for this reason. Late students will be asked to leave and will be considered as a “no show” (see below). This is always a difficult rule to carry out it is strongly enforced in order to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone else. Being on time cannot be stressed enough. Please review our policies.

What if I need to cancel?2019-03-11T22:21:56+00:00

You are able to cancel at any time, please keep in mind fees may apply. Please review our policy page for more details. Cancellations the day of class, no shows, and significantly late students will not receive any kind of refund. This is always a difficult rule to carry out but it is strongly enforced in order to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone else. Please review our policies.

Why do you have cancellation and rescheduling fees?2020-02-28T20:51:54+00:00

This is a very good question. We get asked this a lot.

It is also a little difficult to answer. It really comes down to you – the students. When you register for class you reserve a seat for a class on a day and at a time of your choice. You actually prevent many people from reserving that same seat when we reserve that seat for you. Many students shrug at this comment. But imagine if you reserved the second to last seat available for a class. While there still might be a seat remaining, what about the couples that want to attend class together, or friends who want to attend class together. While there is still a seat available your registration prevented two students from registering for class. This is even more frustration when you reserve the last seat.

When are classes are full we often get requests to be put on a waiting list. When students do not give us any notice of missing class we cannot make their seat available to anyone else. Commonly, students ask (some even demand) their money back because they did not attend the class they scheduled themselves for. You can now see that if Chicago CPR Now refunds this student we are losing money for a seat we reserved for you and money missed from other students who were not able to register for the seat you reserved. You can see that not attending class you reserved a seat for can potentially cost us more than just your registration.

Cancellation:  Therefore, when you reserve a seat for our services there are fees associated with cancellation. Like we described above, when you register for class you reserve a seat that other students are not able to register for preventing business between other students. Depending on how many days in advance your cancellation request is received by email, a cancellation fee is assessed.

Rescheduling: Is very similar to cancellation, your seat you reserved is preventing other students from registering thus preventing business with other students. Therefore, depending on the number of days in advance your your rescheduling request is received by email, a rescheduling fee will be assessed.

Keep in mind it is unacceptable to cancel or reschedule the day of class.

Attendance/Tardy:  Chicago CPR Now provides a service. In order to receive this service you must be present for the entire service. These classes require students to watch videos on how to perform this skill. Students must see all the videos. Therefore, we have a tardy policy. Students choose what day and what time they want to attend class from a list/calendar of classes scheduled. It is the students responsibility to be available to be in our office at the time of class. Tardy and late students may not be able to participate in class.  They will be considered absent / no show and will not be eligible for any kind of refund – full or partial.

One way Chicago CPR Now wants you to look at this service is the same as many other services you already participate in. Doctor’s appointments, concerts, and baseball games – or the like. Most doctors offices will have a cancellation or no show fee (usually the amount of your co-pay). If you buy tickets to Phil Collins or Elton John, if you do not attend the concert Phil (or anyone else) does not write you a check for the cost of your tickets.  Same for the Chicago Cubs.  It is your responsibility to attend these services on time. CPR classes are no different.

Visit our policy page for more information regarding class, especially rescheduling and cancellation. 

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