Heartsaver CPR / AED

This class is great for people who do NOT work in a healthcare related field. If you work in, plan on working in, are a student of any kind of healthcare Basic Life Support maybe the best class for you. Check with your employer and/or your academic institution as to which CPR class is required for your industry.

This class teaches CPR, relief of choking, use of the AED for all age groups (adult, child, and infant).

This class is perfect for the layperson, the fitness instructor, the educator, or the childcare professional. This class is also appropriate for parents or couples ready to adopt, expectant parents, or anyone who does not work in any kind of medical/healthcare industry.

Please consult with any employer and/or your accreditation institution that oversees your credentials as to which class is required for your licensure / certification.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions and Policy pages for answers to common questions.

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