Heartsaver First Aid (no CPR)

This class teaches First Aid topics such as chest pain, stroke, seizure, and difficulty breathing for example.

This class is perfect for the layperson, the fitness instructor, the educator, or the childcare professional or for anyone who needs a First Aid class for work or other purposes. This class is suitable for students who do not work, or plan to work, in any kind of medical/healthcare industry.

Please consult with any employer and/or your accreditation institution that oversees your credentials as to which class is required for your licensure / certification.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions and Policy pages for answers to common questions.

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Students who only need the First Aid portion can join any of our First Aid / CPR / AED classes we have scheduled.  To register email our office letting us know which date you would like to attend. We will send you a link to register for class. Do NOT register for any other class – wait for our email reply.

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