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Heartsaver Classes

 Heartsaver CPR / AED

Part 1, $15 (Product #15-1401 *)
Skill’s Check, $50
Course Completion eCard, $20

 Heartsaver First Aid / CPR / AED

Part 1, $30 (Product #15-1403 *)
Skill’s Check, $70
Course Completion eCard, $20

 Heartsaver First Aid (no CPR)

Part 1, $20 (Product #15-1402 *)
Skill’s Check, $50
Course Completion eCard, $20

See instructions below on how to take these classes!

Healthcare Provider Classes

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Part 1, $28.55
Skills Check, $55
Product #15-1400 *

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Part 1, $132
Skill’s Check, $120
Product #15-1407 *

 Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Part 1, $132
Skill’s Check, $120
Product #15-1412 *

* Product Numbers are likely to change, verify the class you want to purchase online or with customer service from the American Heart Association website or World Point.

This is a convenient way for students to take these classes. In lieu of the traditional class held in the classroom students are able to watch the instructional videos in the comfort of their own home or favorite coffee shop. Access to the Internet is required. Once students complete the online component a Skill’s Check is scheduled at our office. This can be done before most of our scheduled classes (see calendar).

How to do a Skill’s Check in our office:

Read all instructions before making your purchase.

    Visit elearning.heart.org, navigate to the class you wish to complete and purchase Part 1 of the class.
    You can also contact World Point, an American Heart Association distributer, and use the product numbers above to purchase a class if you wish to speak to someone.  Visit World Point at www.worldpoint.com or contact them at (888 322 8350) to speak to someone who may be able to help you with your questions.
    Complete Part 1, the online portion of your class.  When you are finished follow the directions that let you print your “certificate of completion.”  This is required, your “certificate of completion” must be printed and brought to our office during your Skill’s Check.
    Visit our online class calendar, pick a day we have a class scheduled.  Skill’s Checks can be performed before many of our scheduled classes.  Pick a day or days that work with your schedule.  Email our office at info@chicagocprnow.com and let us know which days you would like to come into the office as well as which Skill’s Check you would like to schedule.  Not all of our instructors are able to do Skill’s Checks and not all instructors are able to do all the Skill’s Check options. It maybe wise to check your schedule and ours first to make sure they agree.
    When you come to your appointment please have ready the certificate of completion mentioned above and your Skill’s Check fee also mentioned above. Please bring cash, exact change. Our instructors are not able to accept checks, process credit cars, and we do not carry change in our office.

Use this form to notify us when you want to take your Skill’s Check

Skill’s Checks can be done before most of our scheduled classes.

See our calendar for class dates.

Not all instructors can do Skill’s Checks, and not all instructors can do every Skill’s Check. For example not all CPR instructors can do Advanced Cardiac Life Support. And so on.

Use this form to let us know your intentions.

Skill's Check Appointment Form