Onsite Classes

Chicago CPR Now
Can Teach At Your Location

Are you looking to hold a CPR class at your work or home?
Do you want to have a get-together and have a CPR class with your friends and family?

Doctors offices, day care providers, child care providers, dental offices, gyms, barre studios, yoga studios, gymnastic studios, martial arts studios, public and private schools, universities, any other academic facility, or any other industry who desires onsite training.

Chicago CPR Now has a long history of teaching various size groups as small as a family get together to learn CPR to businesses training very large groups.

We can train as many students that you have!
However, we do have a minimum in regards to amount when we teach outside of our office. This minimum amount is for 10 students. We can still come teach at your home or business, but the minimum amount due will be for 10 students for class size of 1 student to 10 students.

For larger classes we have a sliding scale regarding rate.

Contact us today for a quote!