Company Policy

While often difficult to do, these policies are enforced as to maintain a comfortable learning environment for everyone. Please be respectful of time. Do not interrupt ongoing classes. Read policy to ensure all information is understood.

When we first started this company in 2008 we barely had any “policy.” Growing and teaching thousands of people every year our policy has evolved into a very lengthy document. This document demonstrates the trials and tribulations our company has gone though. Every policy, every stipulation, every topic, and every situation / scenario has a story behind it. We have had to add to this policy repeatedly throughout the years. While long, please do not be intimidated by it. The majority of rules in the policy concern attendance. Please review your schedule before registering for class. Please be considerate before registering for a class. Many of our classes sell out, often we have students asking if we can take one more student. Please show up on time to the class you picked to attend and the need to review or follow any policy should never come up.

Click on the button below to see the entire policy. When registering for class you agree to the rescheduling and cancellation portion of this policy. The entire policy is also included in the confirmation email you receive immediately after registering for class.  We hope you understand our position on these issues contained in this document. Again, we hope to not have to reference these policies during our interaction together.